We’re working to show our devotion toward the social services such as women’s entrepreneurship, educating children any many more to provide strength to our  nation.Our purpose is to make beautiful and secure surrounding  for all where everyone have opportunity to live happy life. Your contribution has the power to make such positive changes.

Donate us Your Time , Knowledge & Idea.

Donate in Form of Material & Goods.

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Begining of Postitive Change

All Indian contributions made to SEVA SAMARPIT FOUNDATION are eligible for tax deduction of 50% by 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

A/c:- 50200060605493
IFSC:- HDFC0000345

As per Indian Tax Laws, it is mandatory to have full name and address of the contributor else it will be treated as anonymous and will be subject to taxation.

What your donation will do

Donation will help us respond to people’s immediate need for food and nutritional support at times of health crisis in their lives. It will also help us provide the practical tools people need to self-manage their condition for the long term.                                                        

How Donation will make change

Your donation can change someone’s life.
For example: There are many kid’s in society they don’t have funds to get basic education . Old age people can get basic medical care etc.                                                                                                      

Why we are asking for Donation

For betterment of society.
To give foods and medical facilities to needy people.

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Donate Us Beginning of positive change

Contact on the given e-mail id , phone number or on whatsapp to donate us and know more about us . We are thankful for your commencement.