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Seva Samarpit Foundation Via Sawan Milan Samaroh

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Sawan Milan Samaroh was organized on 27th July 2022 by Seva Samarpit Foundation and Sai Glorious Entertainment Pvt Ltd at Hotel AVR, Patna.
The program started with lighting the lamp by the chief guest, Patna Mayor Sita Sahu, Madhu Manjari & Bablu Aarya  under the surveillance  of National secretary & Founder of Seva Samarpit foundation Sonal Singh , National President Pappu Kumar Singh and Managing Director of Sai Glorious Entertainment Pvt Ltd  Anju kumari. All the members of the organization were present in this event.

Our Honorable Chief Guest

chief guest

Mayor Sita Sahu

Madhu Manjari

Bablu Arya

Founder of Seva Samarpit Foundation, Sonal Singh said that the main purpose of festivals is to create zeal  and enthusiasm in life.  When a person often gets bored doing the same type of work, then his efficiency starts decreasing.  In order to overcome this deficiency and with the aim of sending a positive message in the society, there is a tradition of festivals in India according to the crop cycle and the weather cycle.

Sonal Singh

Anju Kumari

Anju Kumari, Director of Sai Glorious Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, also organized the Sawan Queen Beauty Contest in this event, All the women gave their wonderful performance in this contest. Chandni was the first winner, Priyanka as the second winner, and Kamini Prasad was the third winner in the contest.
In this occasion, all the women gave their performance by singing songs, reciting poetry and someone by dancing. Both the organizers assured that the organization will do such an event in future also. Chief guest Sita Sahu gave her best wishes to all the women present in the program. Lastly, The program ended by felicitating all the women.

Winners Of Contest

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