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NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS & WOMEN WELFARE ORGANISATION unit of SEVA SAMARPIT FOUNDATION conducted the meeting with their National Core Committee members and decided to expand their family across the nation.

National Secretary & Founder Sonal Singh, National  President Pappu Kumar Singh, National Chief convener  Rajeev Pratap Sinha and more were present. Many serious issues like corruption, women oppression and falling education system were discussed. It was found that there is a need to make the organization more comprehensive to prevent the crimes occurring in the society.

According to the current circumstances and exigency of society, the organization has given approval for 1 lakh social worker campaign to be forwarded.

Mission of NATIONAL HUMAN RIHTS & WOMEN WELFARE ORGANIZATION is to add 1 Lakh social workers as soon as possible so that more helping hands can be put together. Greater the expansion of member will intensify our work.

Ensure your membership by contacting us through the sources given on the page.

We heartily welcome you all to our organization !



National Human Rights and Women Welfare organization is  continuously trying to make the society escalative. Many changes have been made possible by our efforts.

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