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National Human Rights & Women Welfare Organisation appeals to all the reciters to acquaint your surrounding from enforced prostitution. We have seen many cases where girls are being seduced and managed to do such abominable tasks. The ineluctability of such constrained circumstances for any cast or community is undoubtedly pathetic. The priority of our organisation is to bring justice to such petrified and infested voice .

Activism Of Our Organisation on such censorial predicament

We got a tiding about  heinous incident from Manora village Patedhi Belsar on 9th july 2021 by one of our habile member Lakshiminiya Devi of Muzaffarpur team.

Under the case we came to know that there are a group of smugglers form Uttar Pradesh used to ensnare indigent parents, gets married with their minor girl child and takes away for enforced prostitution.

Realizing the dire illations of this incident, we immediately became active and approached the spot along with our team.

Villagers interrogated to make incidence articulate

Our team inquired a bit from villagers and  came to cognize  that group of four to five people from Uttar Pradesh have arrived to village to marry a indigent minor girl. Their aim is basically  to take the girls far away from her homes and forcibly annex them for prostitution. The same delinquency have already happened and the minor girl who was taken away, never came back to her village. This time again the same group of five smuggler have came to the village and are trying to take away minor after getting married.

Proceedings by National Human Rights & Women Welfare Organisation

Comprehending  the incident to the core, Orgnization took the help of the police. After that we reached the girl child and found that she is only 14 years old and a student of class 7th. To clarify the issue, we asked her a few questions. She told that due to the pressure of her parents, constrainedly she had to agree to this involuntary marriage. She wanted to pursue her studies instead of getting married at such early age.

When we inquired her parents for such atrocities over victim, they said that they are 
poverty-stricken and  not capable of marrying her daughter. Somebody tempted them to marry their daughter without dowry and they agreed without understanding  the reconditeness of the matter.

After coming to the fore of all the aspects, our search started for the gang who used to carry out such a horrific incident that crippled humanity.

On reaching the spot, we caught that criminal gang and found that a woman is also involved in carrying out this inhuman incident . Suspicious recent transaction of Rs 50000 in her bank confirmed that she is the mastermind of this abhorrent  crime. Three out of five  accused were arrested with the help of Belsar OP police station but remaining two escaped as soon as matter came to light.

After marriage, they were to leave patedha village for Uttar Pradesh with the girl, so that they could be able to abuse her rights and torture her for prostitution.

FIR has been lodged by National Human Rights & Women Welfare Organisation at op Belsare police station. The police is taking action on the petition filed against the accused and soon the absconding culprits are will be arrested.

Interpreting the responsibility of the parents towards their child, the organization handed over the girl to their parents. Made them aware of the punishment for child marriage and human rights violations.

National Secretary Sonal Singh himself reached the spot to get the justice for the girl. Mamta Sahu – District President (Vaishali), Jai Vardhan – National Youth Secretary, Member Lakshiminiya Devi, National Coordinator Santosh Sinha, Nishi Prakash – State President and Akhilesh Kumar Singh were present for the assistance.

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